Frog #47: No Tazmily For Old Men (II)

Well, I have an apology to make. In my previous post, and a few posts ago, I lamented the state of Wess's characterization. I went on and on about how, after the time-skip, Wess's disposition didn't make sense. He barely has a rapport with Lucas; he has resigned himself to the old folks' home; and … Continue reading Frog #47: No Tazmily For Old Men (II)

Frog 36: Monkey Delivery Sadness

A few months ago, I looked at my bank statement and noticed a five dollar transaction from Door Dash, for a service called Dash Pass. I googled Dash Pass and learned it was a subscription service, so out of curiosity, I looked more closely at my statements over the last few months and discovered that … Continue reading Frog 36: Monkey Delivery Sadness