Save frog in a car.

Frog by frog…

This blog is a chronicle of playing Mother 3 one frog at a time. Collected here are my thoughts and experiences as I play through the game.

Mother 3 is a Japanese role-playing game where, to save your progress, you talk to frogs located throughout the world. Some frogs hop about in the open, some drive around little cars, and some live in nursing homes.

The creator of Mother 3, Shigesato Itoi, wanted the game to be able to be completed anyone, so he placed the frogs close to one another. By doing this, Mother 3 can be played, usually, in as little as five-to-ten minute sessions. I have always wanted to explore what it would feel like to play an entire role-playing game in such short sessions, and I’ve always wanted to write about the Mother series, but lately I have found it more and more difficult to make time for video games.

So here I am: taking things slowly, and simply, frog by frog.